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“UNA Young Professionals are committed to fostering international cooperation and community education on international affairs. Young Professionals group works locally throughout the United States to promote and implement educational projects, advocate for a strong US-UN relationship, and participate in professional development opportunities.” (UNA-USA YP)

We are enthusiastically recruiting YP members, and are seeking energetic and motivated young people to share our passion for international affairs through UNA involvement, career development, and social gatherings in Orange County, CA. (UNA-OC YP)

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We encourage all those interested to attend our Events, Member and Young Professionals meetings in order to learn more about how the UNA-OC functions and how you can get involved in our wonderful Chapter. (Time and locations vary)

Please, feel free to contact YP Director for more information regarding the UNA-OC and Young Professionals Affinity Group.

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UNA Orange County Chapter Young Professionals


Gain professional and personal skills while volunteering for a cause that you believe in. Apply your knowledge and passion to tackle the world’s most challenging problems and crises whether that is climate change or refugees.  We welcome all backgrounds.

Network – Build a diverse set of working relationships with other professionals who share common interests and passions as yourself. 

Leadership – Achieve goals by inspiring others to follow your vision.  We provide Young Professionals the opportunity to create their own actionable goals and the support of a dedicated group of volunteers to help bring their vision to life.



The first time I was exposed to the United Nations was thanks to Model UN in my school San Jose de las Vegas in Medellin, Colombia when I was little. There, besides learning about the Model UN, I also learned about the idea of promoting tolerance and cooperation. This model helped me to understand better the concept of spreading democracy through diplomacy, boosting my ethical and rational skills.  When I was little, to be part of the Model UN was a privilege, and to participate you had to be invited due to leadership skills and GPA.  You would participate with other private schools in Medellin to recreate the General Assembly. I remember the country I represented was Belgium…The idea was to understand better global issues, and most importantly find potential solutions in a comprehensive and united way.

This model resonated in me, and I could see how one day I would be part of something bigger.  Five years ago when I was studying in the U.S. I learned how the UN has locally represented through Chapters. This model was created thanks to Eleanor Roosevelt who in 1953 laid the foundation to support the efforts of the United Nations here in the U.S. Roosevelt’s vision was to incorporate the society, giving them an active voice capable of mobilizing local and national leaders that will educate and advocate in every corner of our country. Thanks to the Orange County Chapter I was able to understand better her idea, but more importantly, live her vision. Currently the United Nations Association has more than 20,000 members and 200 chapters.

I started as a volunteer and rapidly I became a local, regional, and national leader. Currently I am part of the National Council on my second term. And my goal is to advocate topics such as education and young engagement nationwide. As an active member, and Chair of Young professionals, I have had the opportunity to attend numerous local, regional and national events that spread the vital work of the UN. I also have had the wonderful opportunity to advocate on Capitol Hill multiple times talking about the relevance of the 2030 agenda. Thanks to the UNA -USA I had the opportunity to meet Peter Thompson, Ban Ki- Moon, and even Antonio Guterres.

This past February 2019, I looked around the General Assembly, and even though this scenario is familiar to me, I feel thrilled and my heart exudes emotion by the idea of how we have been able to mobilize more than 20,000 individuals to advocate, and ask the U.S government to fully support to the United Nations. 

I looked back and remember that little girl who once role played, pretending to be at the General Assembly advocating for her country…and here I am, once again advocating for a real cause, thinking globally and acting locally thanks to the UNA-OC. 

52599088_10157496514932923_1664909003886428160_n (1)General Assembly.jpg

General Assembly

53050788_10157116737860802_1164481726911610880_n (1)prof.jpg

António Guterres


Reaching the “Sky” Scholarship

This scholarship will be launched during the UN Gala 2019. The idea is to support the work of our Young Professionals around the 2030 agenda in Orange County by recognizing their job and impacting their thinking globally by acting locally. 

The scholarship will grant $500 dollars to a young professional who has demonstrated an impact in Orange County regarding one or more Sustainable Development Goals. We want to know what projects you are working on and we want to reward your efforts and initiatives. The funds can be used to attend the Leadership Summit in Washington D.C which will bring you the opportunity to expose your work, connect with like-minded individuals across the region, state, and country to advocate in Capitol Hill about the importance of the 2030 agenda. This is an invaluable experience that will promote you not just personally but also professionally adding tangibles to your CV.

This scholarship is thanks to a generous donation made by the Kien Nam Group. The scholarship of reaching the sky is a metaphor to remind us about breaking the glass ceiling and reaching the sky. Its name is a tribute to Trinh N. Pham or “Sky” Pham who made this possible thanks to his donation.

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Rachel Sanchez - YP Director 2015

Rachel Sanchez - YP Director 2015

“My involvement with the UNA-OC provided the opportunity to hone my leadership and organizational skills, improve my public speaking, and expand my knowledge of international affairs. Each has proven essential to both my success as a graduate student at Georgetown University and my current role as a Donor Liaison and Coordination Officer at the United Nations Migration Agency.”

– Rachel Sanchez, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Trinh N. Pham - “Sky” Pham

Trinh N. Pham - “Sky” Pham

“I am honored to be a member of the United Nations Association –Orange County Chapter. I am currently working as a Payment Solution Manager at U.S Bank and the valuable experience with UNA-OC helps me to become inspired to change the world.

Joining UNA-OC is a life-changing journey that help to develop confidence in leading others, a stronger awareness of global issues, and a chance to make new friends from around the world. “

Lisa Nguyen - YP Chair 2016

Lisa Nguyen - YP Chair 2016

Serving on the UNA-OC board and representing the Young Professionals Affinity Group as its chair provided me with experience that I continue to value today. By working alongside my fellow board members to establish chapter goals and objectives, I learned not only about strategic planning processes, but also how to collaborate, bring differing opinions together, create a shared vision and goals. Most importantly, it provided me with the incredible opportunity to meet like-minded individuals across the region, state, and country. As a young professional who has moved to other parts of the country, I know that I can always find a network of friends who are committed to supporting the work of the UN.