Our Chapter hosts many events throughout the year in support of our members! Below is a summary of some of the routine events and programs we have.

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Member meetings

The Chapter holds member meetings throughout the year to inform and mobilize our members about the UN. In addition to usual Chapter business, we also have a speaker or panel inform us about what is going on at the UN and how we in Orange County can help.

Member meetings are held throughout the year at various locations.

UN DAy gala

Our biggest event of the year! We are excited to have you at our UN Day Gala, celebrating the mission of the UN and bringing our community together to reflect on that mission.

We are honored to have an esteemed guest speaker and are proud to be awarding three local community leaders for their work in seeing global goals on a local impact, as we gather with a pleasant meal and Silent Auction raising funds for a local UN-related cause.

Our 2019 Gala will be held on October 19, 2019 at 7pm

coffee talks

A long-time Chapter tradition, our Coffee Talks bring local experts on different Sustainable Development Goals and how groups and organizations on a local, regional, national, and international level are seeing them executed.

See our Upcoming Events page to find out when the next coffee talk is happening.

cultural dinners

Come learn more about one of the UN’s member states, with a fun-filled and educational get together, a presentation on the history of the country, and a celebration of that country’s great culture and history! All with tasty food from that country and culture!

Visit our Upcoming Events page to see when our next cultural dinner is taking place.


Make your voice heard! We host a variety of advocacy oriented events throughout the year, letting government officials and politicians know just how much the UN matters!

Visit our Advocacy page to find out more.


We provide opportunities to volunteer through local Young Professionals Affinity Group. Gain professional and personal skills while volunteering for a cause that you believe in. Apply your knowledge and passion to tackle the world’s most challenging problems and crises whether that is climate change or refugees. Share our passion for international affairs through UNA involvement, career development, and social gatherings in Orange County. See YP Opportunities


UNA-OC Women is a UNA-OC Affinity Group which partners with like-minded women and women's organizations to advocate for the UN's mission around women and girls. Together we can become a stronger voice in our community.

Programs, events, projects of UNA-OC WOMEN will be determined by our members, both individually and collectively. As individuals, we can learn about and help raise awareness of women's rights and empowerment issues. Collectively, we can create programs, events and projects that educate, raise awareness and give service to women globally and locally.


Our Council of Organizations brings together a variety of local not for profit and advocacy groups, providing networking opportunities and the chance for our members to discover other groups which support our goals.

Visit our Council of Organizations page to find out more.