Carl Mariz, Previous UNA-OC President


Mr. Mariz has been chapter’s President and has served in various capacities at UNA-OC. He is also a former treasurer.

Carl loves history. He gives talks on Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Preamble to the UN Charter - the founding document of the United Nations.

Carl also advocates for “Climate Action” #13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. He is an inventor of a patent related to chemical or biological separation or purification of waste gases, e.g. engine exhaust gases by absorption. Mr. Mariz holds degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri. More…

Susan Eaton UNA-USA. UNA-OC Member since 1987

Crop of Susan at UNA brunch Susan for team.jpeg

Susan has held various roles on the Board of UNA-OC since retiring from teaching in 1999 as Education Chair, Secretary, Intern Supervisor, Newsletter Editor, Volunteer at the old Unicef Gift Shop, Advocate and Email and Phone Correspondent.

Susan was a Member of the American Association for the United Nations that merged with the U.S. Committee for the United Nations and became the current United Nations Association of the United States of America - UNA-USA, UNA-OC and more.

She enjoys attending UNA events where she continually learns new things and enjoys the friendships made with other members. She believes strongly in the US support of the UN and all its agencies in helping to resolve conflicts and provide health and human services to those in need.